Isle of Wight Hotels

Booking Contracts & Cancellations:

When making a Reservation with us directly either over the Telephone or on our Website(s), you are legally agreeing to our Contract and Cancellation Policy, and agreeing on the type of room you have booked as well as the dates/nights.

When booking with us through an external Booking Engine, such as 'Booking.com' or 'Expedia' you are signing and agreeing a contract with the Booking Engine Agent, and not us.

All Reservations made with us are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable, unless Cancellation Cover is taken out with us. 

If you choose to take out Cancellation Cover / Insurance when booking with us this will mean that you are able to cancel your reservation with us up to twelve days prior to the arrival date and receive a percentage of the total amount back. 

All Reservations made with us externally using Booking Engine Sites are completely non-refundable and non-transferable. If you did book using an external engine and wish to cancel your booking, you must contact them and not us - we deal with the Booking Engines only in this case.

General Health & Safety, Swimming Pool and Fire Safety:

We take Health and Safety very seiously, and all incidents that occur are to be reported to a member of staff so that a report can be typed up and entered with our records. We have multiple members of staff that are trained in First Aid and can assist if required.

We also take Health and Safety in our Swimming Pools very seriously. Our maintenance and upkeeping staff are fully trained in Swimming Pool safety and care. Our pools are cheked daily and we will close them if suspected to be a problem and/or health risk to our guests. The correct amount and type of chemicals are used to ensure the pools are clean and healthy for use. Our swimming pool areas are not guarded by a Life Guard, therefore we ask that each user to sign into and out of the swimming pool at the Reception Desks.

All our properties have Fire Alarms systems installed that are up to the current standard of Fire Alarm Requirements. Every bedroom, housekeeping and maintenance cupboard and public area has the relivent sensor in place, whether it be a Smoke, Heat or CO2 detector. A Manual Fire Alarm Call Point is located at the top of every Fire Escape and Stairwell as well as next to every External Exitting Door. Automatic / Magenetic Fire Door closers are also in place to prevent the spread of fire. Fire Extinguishers are checked by an external company regularly and are in placed in the relavent locations. All receptionists and nightporters are fully trained in how to use and understand the Fire Alarms Systems.

Emergency Lighting is in place in the relavent locations in our hotels, with clear labelling of where the nearest escape is. Both maintaned and non-maintaned emergency lighting is in use and are checked regurally by our maintenance team.

General Security:

All of our properties are monitored by 24 Hour Video and Audio Recording CCTV Cameras for Staff and Guest safety and security. If you have been recorded by one of our CCTV cameras, you have a right to have a copy of the footage. If you wish to request this, please write a formal letter to us, with information of the time, date, as well as a form of photographic identity and any other details we may require to identify the clip(s) you require. We have the right to charge you up to £10 for this.

Some of our Car Parks also have CCTV cameras monitoring the site externally. Our CCTV Server is located at a secure location and only selected people have access to the system. Recorded footage is only stored for a maximum of thirty days*. We display clear stickers and signage in areas where CCTV is in use.

There is a member of staff on every site at all times. Front Doors of the Hotels are locked at midnight, and each property has a nightporter on duty from 11:00pm until 8:00am, daily. Our nightporters are trained in dealing with any situation as well as Fire Safety. There is signage on all external doors stating that they must remain closed and locked when not in use, and we try to enforce this regually.

PCI & Payment Processing:

When making a Reservation with us, we will require the full amount at the time of booking, unless we agree to settle a deposit which will therefore mean the remaining balance will be paid six weeks in advance to your arrival date.

We comply fully with the PCI regulations. You may receive an e-mail or telephone call from us asking to bring your Payment Card and a form of photographic identification for check-in - this is because the payment card you provided us with, and the address on your booking do not match and therefore we are required to take a copy of your Payment Card and Photographic Identification at check-in. All details we take are kept secure and confidential.

We do not accept Contactless Card Transactions on any of our sites. If you are paying for something at the hotel directly you will be required to physically insert your card and enter you PIN number.

We take fraud matters very seriously, and we work closely with the local authorities and our merchant provider to prevent these sorts of activities from occuring.

Data Protection:

We are required to hold all data for Guests/Visitors for a minimum of six years, and all data we hold is kept completely secure and confidential on our Computer Systems Database. We change all of our computer passwords regularly, and only a select number of staff have access to the system. All old/unnecessary paperwork we hold is shredded and safely disposed of.

We take Data Protection very seriously, and abide to the 'Data Protection Act 1998'. Data we hold for guests include Full Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers and E-mail Addresses. We use an external and experienced company to host our Booking System Database Servers.

All of our Computer Systems have professional Anti-Virus and Spyware Software installed on them, as well as Internet Firewall software.

Guest Internet Usage:

When connecting to any of our Wireless Networks, you agree to bound to our Terms of Service; Users must not use the networks to host any form of server, be it a Web Server, File Server, E-mail Server or any heavy bandwidth user. Users must not use the networks to distribute and/or create Computer Viruses, Trojans or Malware. Users must keep all Wireless Access Passwords Secure and Confidential. Users must not use the network for hacking of any sort, internally or externally. Users must not attempt to gain access to any internal company Computer Networks / Servers, Routers, Managed Switches etc. Any illegal activities under the 'Computer Misuse Act 1990' are strictly forbidden by law.

Our Wireless Networks are available on an 'as-is' basis, and we do not take responsibilites for any downtime, although we will do our best efforts to get the systems up and running again in the event of any downtime that occurs.

If users do not bound to these terms and conditions, we have the right to restrict usage for any length of time throughout all of our properties.

Website Usage:

When using any of our Websites, you agree to the use of Cookies to give you the best experience when using our sites. This is enforced under the EU Cookie Law.

All Photographic and Video Media displayed on our website(s) are protected by copyright ©. If you wish to use one of our images, please get in contact with us to ask for permission.
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